The pyrana exception hierarchy. Outside the pyrana package it is expected to catch those exception, not to raise them. However, doing so should’nt harm anyone.

exception pyrana.errors.EOSError

End Of Stream. Kinda more akin to StopIteration than EOFError.

exception pyrana.errors.LibraryVersionError

Missing the right library version for the expected dependency.

exception pyrana.errors.NeedFeedError

More data is needed to obtain a Frame or a Packet. Feed more data in the raising object and try again.

exception pyrana.errors.NotFoundError

cannot satisfy the user request: asked for an inexistent attribute or for unsupported parameter combination.

exception pyrana.errors.ProcessingError

Runtime processing error.

exception pyrana.errors.PyranaError

Root of the pyrana error tree. You should’nt use it directly, not even in an except clause.

exception pyrana.errors.SetupError

Error while setting up a pyrana object. Check again the parameters.

exception pyrana.errors.UnsupportedError

Requested an unsupported feature. Did you properly initialized everything?

exception pyrana.errors.WrongParameterError

Unknown or invalid parameter supplied.